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Full Version: How to get access to the Mod pack and Server
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Hi there!

You found your way to the website of the Limboworld modded server. That's great! We love that.
Now you want to join and play with us. Then you will need to download the mod pack we provide for you. And to get access to download it, you MUST register on the forum first.

Note: Look in your spambox if the registration mail doesn't appear in the regular inbox of your mail client.

After registering, you will be granted access to the download link of the mod pack with basic instructions how to install it.
Then you can go launch the game and join the server.

After logging in for the first time you can only look around, an op must promote you to member so keep in mind to be nice to the ops Wink
When you are promoted to a member, you can go anywhere and start crafting.

We hope you'll enjoy your stay!