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New world on it's way because... - Zethalion - Mon-Jan-2016

The current world seems to be eaten by bugs not showing in any administrative tool we got. I'll make a world save and a static client for you to be available to download so the current world with all the progress won't be lost in the depth of time.

It looks like nothing can undo the errors made by a long gone mod extruded a long time ago. Leave it's peace. We'll go on to seek new adventure soon.

Sorry for any inconvenience in the meantime.

I'll get back to you soon. With a new world.

I'dd usually say "Happy crafting" but now I understand that won't do it this time.
Good luck crafting!

RE: New world on it's way because... - Zethalion - Sat-Jan-2016

So we are having a blast on the new server! A fresh modpack! New opportunities!

But first a moment to remember the mods which didn't survive the major update...

Mods gone to a higher sandbox include:
  • IndustrialCraft²
  • Advanced Solar Panels
  • EssentialCraft
  • ExtraBiomesXL
  • Witchcraft
  • Simply Jetpacks
  • and with most remorse: Railcraft
    This mod however, can make a comeback if the author chooses to update his RF api and publish the mod. *Wishful thinking*
But other mods made their entrance! How about that?! 

Seriously, the only reason the new modpack exist is because the author of DragonAPI bugged the update message. I suspect he did it on purpose. Never the less, the new modpack is slimmer, faster, smaller, greater and more developed. We still have steampower and fusion reactors. But the Enderdragon also has it's wits. It's up to you to discover what it is.

Soon the launcher will show Limboworld Endeavor as the newest client. It might take a day, or less, or more. No one knows. Keep checking!
Happy crafting!